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VW Transmissions

Brand new VW transmissions, in the crate . Please note: we do not sell automatic transmissions.

020 Transmission (100mm Drive Flanges)
part no. 020300050
02J Transmission (Code EGC)
part no. 02j300047H
02J VR6 Transmission (100mm Flanges)
part no. 02J300049R100
02J VR6 Transmission (code EUV)
part no. 02J300049R
6 Speed 02A Transmission for 4cyl
part no. 02A398475394
6 Speed 02A Transmission for VR6
part no. 02A398675394
O2A 4 cyl Transmission (Code CAL)
part no. 02a3000445
O2J Transmission (Code CZM)
part no. 02J300044F


Volkswagen / Audi OEM Parts & Performance. It's what we do.

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