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At BBM, we do not just replace all the bearings, ring seals, apex strips and timing cog belt with new parts. All chargers are remanufactured to OEM specifications by trained and highly skilled technicians. Our remanufacturing process is the most extensive service available.

Every remanufacture includes:

  • New OEM German Bearings
  • New OE Spec. Viton Ring Seals
  • New OEM Apex Strips
  • New OE Spec. 12mm HD Tooth Belt
  • Reman Main Shaft
  • Reman Shaft collar
  • New Snap-Rings
  • New SS Housing Bolts
  • Mod One Coating

Our extra effort ensures that your experience is convenient and well worth the process.

contact our Sales/Tech. department for more information on our superchargers or other products of interest.

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Attention G60 G-Lader Owners

Our commitment at BBM is to provide you with the highest quality parts, G60 G-Lader rebuilds, and upgrades available. Our number one priority is to serve you the customer and forge a long-term customer service relationship. We have been providing complete and extensive G-Lader remanufacturing and upgrades since 1995. We use only the latest generation German OEM high speed bearings and OEM apex strips and only the very best parts. We could offer cheaper services by not replacing all of the parts, using less expensive incorrect parts and by cutting corners during the build process. Other rebuilders may offer OEM rebuilds, while not using true OEM parts. We simply refuse to compromise this quality, longevity and process for bottom line pricing. Our high quality standards and extensive background in precision manufacturing ensures that you are getting nothing but the very best. Our turn around time is unsurpassed and we stand behind the quality of our work.

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Why and When to Get Your G60 G-Lader Remanufactured 
We recommend a rebuild on any charger that exceeds 70k miles/112k kilometers. Hand engraved serial numbers on your charger housing should not be mistaken as indications of a previous rebuild. The original assembly technician in Germany engraved these numbers. Chargers that pass excessive oil into the intercooler tubes and show a reduction of boost should be serviced. Often, chargers that are starting to or are making noise need immediate service to prevent further damage.

G-Lader G60 Remanufacturing Process
We provide a free inspection service to determine if your charger is candidate for rebuild. Ok, nothing in life is exactly free. You will have to pay for shipping to BBM.

  • Initial inspection and condition tests
  • Disassemble, hot tank & precision inspection of all components
  • Glass bead shot housings followed by high-pressure air and final cleaning 
  • Remanufacture the main shaft and shaft collar
  • Replacement of bearings, oil ring seals, apex strips, snap-rings and toothed belt
  • All new fasteners, snap rings, stainless hardware
  • Application of special coating to increase pressure and lifetime of unit
  • Final assembly
  • Precision timing adjustment, clearance check and verify balance
  • Test & registration of unit

G-Lader G60 Remanufacturing Policy

BBM provides a six month limited warranty on all of our OE Spec supercharger re-builds. The factory 78mm drive pulley must remain installed during the duration of any warranty period.

Process Turn Around

Please contact us for our current lead time. If you are in a hurry or your car is down, we will do our best to get you up and running as soon as we can. Modified superchargers may require an additional two or three days in the shop. We do our best to communicate our lead times with you once your supercharger is in process at our shop.