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16V Integration Kit

BBM "Limited" Supercharged 16V Integration Kit
210-300+ whp capable
Massive Full Spectrum TORQUE

VW Motorsport gave us just a glimpse of the power a supercharged 16V engine can produce. VW Motorsport custom built only seventy 1.8 liter, 16 valve, G60 Supercharged "Limited" cars. These Supercharged 16V Golf's are not to be confused with the 8V G60 Rally Golf cars, as they are much more rare and powerful.

This racing effort was sought to maximize the performance from the VW 4-cylinder engine for use on the Rally circuit. Combining 16V engine parts, custom parts and the 16V cylinder head with a G60 G-Lader supercharger makes for an extremely wide and powerful torque band. This engine combination delivers incredible performance per liter. VW Motorsport no longer offers any components for the Limited 16V-G60 engine conversion making it difficult to duplicate, until now. BBM has all of the integration parts in limited quantity to make this extreme 4-cylinder powerhouse a reality.

By utilizing advanced computer aided engineering and manufacturing techniques BBM now makes a limited integration kit available for you. BBM has taken the Limited 16V-G60 concept a few steps farther by engineering several versions giving you the flexibility to choose one of several base engine block platforms and superchargers.

BBM has designed these limited kits to use either a VW G60 G-Lader or BBM Screw Compressor Supercharger, hence the BBM Supercharged-16V. The free revving 16V engine with its highly efficient cylinder head with supercharger delivers a seriously healthy power curve throughout the extended RPM range. Forget VW Motorsport's "Limited" version, consider your Supercharged -16V "UNLIMITED" Without the race class engine restrictions imposed upon the original 16V Limited. You can specify your base engine, choice of supercharger and kit "Options" to maximize the power of this unique and rare configuration.

Applications and Combinations (top)
This section is to define what is required and the best way for you to go about building your BBM 16V Supercharged engine.

Key Notes: The BBM 16V Supercharged engine setup is a blend of parts from two engine platforms. Combining G60 parts and 16V parts with our custom integration package completes the system. Note: You may need to extend wires on some engine sensors. You will also need to bend your AC lines comming out of the fire wall when used in the Corrado. Or you can use MKII Golf AC lines if you so choose to run AC. You will also need to set up your intercooler. The G60 IC can be used with some custom IC tubes, not included in this kit.

There are basically two ways to go about building your Supercharged 16V engine. If you currently have a G60 1.8 Liter engine you will be needing parts from the 16V 1.8 or 16V 2.0 Liter engine to complete the system. Vice versa, if you currently have a 16V 1.8 or 2.0 Liter engine as your base then you will need parts from the G60 engine platform. No matter what platform you start with you will need to round up an intake manifold off of a 16V Scirocco engine. If you happened to have acquired a complete 16V Scirocco engine, then you can consider getting the intake manifold as a bonus.

Build Option #1 (G60 As Your Base Engine):
No matter what engine platform you start with as your base, the best way is to build up an engine with custom pistons and the correct compression ratio for this boosted application. If you want your base to be the G60 engine platform using the G60 block, rods and crank. You will have to use custom pistons with correctly cut value relief's and the right compression ratio for boost. BBM has these custom pistons in a limited quantity.

Required 16V parts for G60 base engine:

  • Custom BBM low compression 16V pistons for use in the G60 block
  • 16V Cylinder head complete
  • 16V Scirocco Intake manifold lower and upper
  • 16V Distributor, complete
  • 16V Distributor Block off plate complete
  • 16V oil pump, complete
  • 16V Secondary shaft and gears complete
  • 16V Timing belt and gears, complete
  • 16V Exhaust Manifold or 16V Header

Build Option #2 (16V As Your Base Engine): If your starting base engine is the 16V platform then you can use a thicker copper head gasket to achieve a lower compression ratio for use with the boost. This is not the best or correct way to generate the proper compression ratio on any engine, although it is a simple and less expensive route. The preferred method on the 16V base engine is to also use custom pistons with the correct compression ratio for this Supercharged system. BBM has these custom pistons in a limited quantity.

Required G60 parts for 16V base engine:

  • G60 G-Lader Supercharger or BBM Screw Compressor Supercharger kit
  • G60 G-Lader mounting brackets and belt tensioner complete
  • G-Lader outlet (silencer box) or BBM RSR outlet kit
  • G60 Serpentine / idler pulleys for water pump and alternator
  • G60 AC pump or European water pump pulley
  • G60 Throttle body, complete
  • G60 Fuel Injectors and FPR
  • G60 Idle stabilizer valve (ISV)
  • G60 Digifant1 ECU and engine wire harness
  • G60 Digifant control relay
  • G60 Oxygen sensor
  • G60 Water temperature sensor (blue)
  • G60 CO% potentiometer
  • G60 Relays, fuel pump
  • G60 Intercooler, IC hoses to and from the G-Lader
  • G60 Lower water pump pipe
  • Upper and lower coolant hoses
  • G60 Radiator and fan assembly

Engine Management:
All BBM 16V Supercharged engines can be controlled with the G60 Digifant-1 ECU / Harness and BBM software. You can also use TEC 3 or most any popular brand of stand alone engine management.

Give us a call and we will be happy to go over all the details with you.

Please contact the BBM Sales or Tech department for more information.

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Complete Integration Kit
BBM Limited 16V Supercharger Integration Kit (top)

This kit is offered as a complete solution for your conversion with all of the custom made ltd. parts and software needed for this transformation.

Integration parts included:

  • BBM SC- 16V Throttle Body Adapter Elbow 
  • BBM SC-16V Billet Aluminum Crank Pulley 
  • BBM SC-16V Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail w/ FPR Adapter and Fittings 
  • BBM SC-16V Rear Alternator Brackets 
  • BBM Serpentine Belt Tensioner Brackets 
  • BBM Power Steering and Water Pump Pulley Spacers 
  • BBM SC-16V Intake Temperature / H2O Sensor Relocation  
  • BBM SC-16V Supercharger Bypass filter
  • BBM SC-16V Engine Crank Case Ventilation
  • BBM SC-16V Coolant Flange (screw compressor only) 
  • BBM SC-16V Software for Digifant-1 Engine Management
  • BBM SC-16V Upper radiator hose customization
  • BBM SC-16V Idler pulley
  • Spark Plugs specific for the supercharged 16V
  • BBM SC-16V Technical Phone Support

MSRP $1599.00

New Sale Price:
$1, 199.00
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Hardware Only
Pistons and Gaskets
for Boosted 16V Engines:

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