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Chip Tuning
Engine Performance

  • Superior performance to the: G-Lader, Turbo, Roots (Eaton) and Centrifugal systems.
  • Greater adiabatic efficiency (Approx. 80%)
  • Precision manufactured in Sweden for extended reliability
  • Complete G60 Replacement kit takes approx. two hours to install by experienced mechanics.
  • One year BBM limited warranty
  • Includes: all components for a turnkey installation on the G60 platform.
  • Screw Compressor twin screw supercharger, CNC machined mounting plates, intake & outlet manifolds, outlet pipe, oil lines, all hoses / clamps to connect to the factory airbox, high temp polymer intake duct and instructions.

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"Watch & Listen" 1.33MB mpeg. Watch a Corrado G60 with our BBM Screw Compressor do a "drive by". This video will give you an idea of the sound this BBM exclusive supercharger produces.

"Screwed" 3.58 MB mpeg. This a 30 second commercial of the BBM Screw Compressor. Produced by Paul Weiland of

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The One and Only
Finally a rock solid direct replacement charger for the G60 enthusiast who wants more performance and reliability over the G-Lader. As shipped, with a 12+psi drive pulley the BBM screw compressor can bolt on in place of the factory G60 G-Lader with no other engine upgrades. With approximately 20% more efficiency over the G-Lader, translates to lower intake temperatures, nearly instant throttle response and much higher boost levels at low Rpm's. For the more extreme individuals, we offer smaller drive pulley sizes & stage kits to increase the boost over 22+ psi. Our screw compressor kit is unmatched in performance and quality. The distinct charger whine generates the ultimate forced induction sound. Keep in mind that this charger is much louder than the G-Lader and will attract some attention. The BBM Screw Compressor kit on the G60 platform sounds similar to a high boost blown V8 drag engine with a gear drive. This Screw Compressor kit is one incredible race breed forced induction system for the G60 8V/16V platforms.

The BBM Screw Compressor (Supercharger) is a true twin screw compressor not to be confused with the much less efficient roots or Eaton chargers. The charger is manufactured in Sweden utilizing the latest computer assisted screw technology. All of the engineering work and facilitation for the G60 8V/16V integration has been done in-house at the BBM facility. BBM also manufactures the intake, discharge and adapter plates on our CNC milling center. Sub components for the kit have been farmed out to various winning aerospace manufacturing companies.

The charger screws are machined on high speed, incredibly accurate Mikron six axis CNC milling centers. Advancements in high speed machining technology have helped to lower the costs of Screw Compressor prod uction, making it more feasible for use on combustion engine applications. We've chosen the Screw Compressor principal over others for it's very reliable mega boost potential of over 22 psi. Our Screw Compressor charger is reliable to over 15k rpm. You can now safely rev over 7k rpm without the fear of the charger grenading. The Screw Compressor has been proven reliable at over 200k miles on properly maintained combustion engines.

The Screw Compressor principle utilizes high helix screws intermeshed and timed with a pre-loaded planetary gear drive. The screw clearance is only .0015" delivering incredible efficiency and reliability with no boost sealing surfaces to wear out.

The Screw Compressor's twin screw compressor design is the most efficient super charger technology available to date.

Adiabatic Efficiency:

  • Screw Compressor Approx. 80%
  • G-Lader Approx. 60%
  • Roots (Eaton) Approx. 50%

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