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BBM 4cyl Universal Non-Thermo Oil Cooler Kit

BBM 4cyl Universal Non-Thermo Oil Cooler Kit

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Every watercooled VW needs an oil cooler other than the factory unit. Volkswagens simply run too hot of an oil temperature in stock form. A high-output engine in a cramped engine compartment can generate a lot of heat. Not only do high engine temperatures contribute to lubricant breakdown, they also contribute to a shorter engine life and/or loss in overall horsepower. A properly installed oil cooler will give your car extra thermal cooling to keep heat under control during periods of peak demand. This kit is designed for the customer that doesn't want to spend a lot of money, but still needs cooler oil temps. Being a non thermostatic sandwich plate, oil is going to immediatley flow through the heat exchanger, giving instant "cooling", possibly allowing it to not fully warm up. It is advised that you allow the car to warm up fully before any agressive driving is applied, so as not to run the engine hard on a cold oil temp. Kit Includes: (1) Mocal Sandwich Plate non thermo (2) 1/2" x -10an unions (2) 1/2" sealing washers (8') 5/8" i.d. hose socketless FBN1000 (2) 90 degree hose ends (2) straight hose ends (2) adell clamps (2) oil cooler strap/bracket (1) assorted hardware nuts/bolts NOTE: Be sure to pick out your oil cooler heat exchanger for a complete bolt on kit!


It can be a challenge on some vehicles to mount oil coolers due to lack of space and mounting surfaces. On vehicles without air conditioning, the cooler can be mounted next to, or in front of, the radiator. On vehicles where oil cooling is more essential, a little ingenuity must be used to get the most airflow possible. If space is too limited at the front, the cooler can still function if mounted in a more horizontal fashion in the engine bay using the supplied steel brackets. If forced to mount close to the ground, use a heavy wire mesh type screen for protection. Even if your cooler is not directly in any sort of air stream, it can also work as a heat sink and will still offer much more vital engine protection than without an oil-cooler installed.


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