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VW & Audi Fuel Rails

VW & Audi Fuel Rails. If you want the best quality and price available, BBM is your shop. More Applications are in the works.

BBM 16v Fuel Rail, Oring Set
part no. 226100258
BBM 2.0L ABA / AEG Billet Fuel Rail
part no. 226100777
BBM 8V Fuel Rail, Digifant 1 & 2
part no. 226100691
BBM Billet 16V Fuel Rail
part no. 226100693
BBM FPR Adapter, Mk2 Style
part no. 226100236
BBM FPR Adapter, New Style MK3 / MK4
part no. 226100357
BBM Fuel Rail Fitting, 8v Digifant, 16v
part no. 226100260
BBM Fuel Rail Fittings, MK3 And MK4
part no. 226100261
Digifant Fuel Injector Seat (Set of 4)
part no. 037133555A