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BBM Sprintex Superchargers, 3.0T Supercharger Pulley kit, G60 G-Lader Superchargers, Lysholm & Twin Screw Superchargers, Supercharger rebuilds and re-manufacturing.

BBM has been specializing in VW / Audi forced induction systems since 1995. We have supercharged the Corrado, Golf, Rabbit, GTI, Jetta, Cabrio, Scirocco you name it VW or Audi and we have performance solutions for you.

Supercharger Kits


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BBM G60 G-Lader Superchargers & Rebuilds

When it comes to the VW G60 G-Lader Supercharger, nobody does it better than BBM. Since 1995, we have been servicing a...

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Supercharger Belts & Pulleys

Drive belts and pulleys for your 3.0T, G60 G-Lader, Sprintex, Opcon, Lysholm and Twin Screw Supercharger applications.

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BBM Supercharger Stage Upgrade Kits

Supercharger Upgrade Kits

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Twin Screw Superchargers Oil, Parts & Drives

Pulleys drives, supercharger oil and parts for your twin screw superchargers

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BBM 16v G60 Ltd. Integration

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