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Oil Cooler Kits & Hardware

Buying the correct oil cooler for your application is only the first step. Installation is, more often, where problems can occur. This is especially true because not everyone is well versed at how to purchase the plumbing components to accomplish the task.

Adding to the confusion is the sorry state of what comes in the typical cooler install kit; most are a length of generic rubber hose (usually too small in diameter), a "fits all" sandwich plate (if it fits at all), and a selection 3/8" NPT (home center type) fittings and hose clamps. The substandard nature these kits will guarantee future failure of something associated with the plumbing, or worse the engine.

Based on expertise our approach to oil plumbing is to only use properly sized, premium quality, components and in reality our products don't cost dramatically more than what is found in a budget kit.

BBM kits include: our high flow, 1/2" inlet/outlet, sandwich plate (standard or optional thermostatic version); Aeroquip 5/8" bore -10an hose (either FBN1000 socket-less or FBA1000 stainless braided); light weight, high flow aluminum hose ends (push-lock for socket-less hose or taper swivel for braided hose); mounting hardware (adell clamps to mount/hold hose in position, oil cooler mounting straps w/ nuts & bolts). For added versatility the hose is supplied in a "bulk" length which allows hoses to be cut and hose ends assembled (by user) on site. Finished hose lengths will vary depending on year and model of vehicle.

Select a 13, 16, or 19 row cooler and your ready to go.

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