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AN Fuel Fittings

The best fuel fittings available. Used for all BBM fuel rails.

-6AN 180 Degree Hose End Fitting
part no. 118006
-6AN Inline Fuel filter
part no. 226100459
$16.95 Sale Price: $13.99
5/16 to -6AN male fuel line adapter
part no. 226100319
6AN Plug Straight O'Ring Port
part no. 981406BB
BBM Fuel Rail Fitting, 8v Digifant, 16v
part no. 226100260
BBM Fuel Rail Fittings, MK3 And MK4
part no. 226100261
Mk2 High Flow Fuel Rail Fitting Kit
part no. 226100460
$24.99 Sale Price: $16.95