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BBM Solid Billet Front Motor Mount

BBM Solid Billet Front Motor Mount

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BBM Billet Front Engine Mount. Available!

Contrary to what one may assume, you will not experience any excessive vibration in the cabin of your vehicle using our solid front motor mount. Achieve better street & track performance with a "Solid" front motor mount. Your stock rubber mount allows for less than optimal engine and transmission movement, especially if it is worn out. The "Solid" motor mount is made from high strength billet aluminum which will keep your engine and transmission where it should be- focusing on putting the power to the ground where it belongs. You will achieve improved shifting action, making it easier to get from gear to gear. Syncro and fork wear in the transmission will be reduced as there is less movement of the shifter rod which allows those parts to work in perfect harmony. You will never have to replace a front motor mount again. This billet mount is built strong! Made in the USA


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APPLICATIONS :   ( Vehicle Type & Year / Engine )
Corrado 1988-1995 G60 8V
MkII Golf / GTI 1985-1992 Diesel
MkII Golf / GTI 1985-1987 8V CIS
MkII Golf / GTI 1990-1992 2.0L 16V
MkII Golf / GTI 1985-1987 GTI 8V
MkII Golf / GTI 1987-1989 1.8L 16V
MkII Golf / GTI 1988-1992 8V Digifant
MkII Jetta 1990-1992 2.0L 16V
MkII Jetta 1985-1987 8V CIS
MkII Jetta 1985-1992 Diesel
MkII Jetta 1988-1992 8V Digifant
MkII Jetta 1985-1987 GLI 8V
MkII Jetta 1987-1989 1.8L 16V
Passat B3 Sedan 1990-1994 2.0L 16V
Passat B3 Wagon 1990-1994 2.0L 16V