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VW 1.8L 8V Megasquirt kit

VW 1.8L 8V Megasquirt kit

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Megasquirt 2 V3.57 Plug and Play for VW MK1, MK2 vehicles looking to add some power or modify without having to purchase a Chip everytime, Or maybe you are just sick and tired of your old CIS system and are looking for an easy EFI route. This kit was designed with ease in mind. Wiring can be a complete nightmare and we understand that is why we made this kit simple with easy to follow installation instructions.


Kit Includes:   MS2 V3.57 with plug and play harness    Throttle position retro fit bracket,   Ignition coil,   Crank trigger wheel,   Spark plug wires,   Dizzy Gizzy,   Wideband O2 Sensor ( Innovate LC-2)         Note: MS2 does not work with drive by wire (DBW)


VW 1.8L 8V Megasquirt kit

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