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Vw 2.0L ABA Megasquirt Kit

Vw 2.0L ABA Megasquirt Kit

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Megasquirt 2 V3.57 Plug and Play for VW MK3, or ABA swapped MK1 or MK2  vehicles looking to add some power or modify without having to purchase a Chip everytime. This kit was designed with ease in mind. Wiring can be a complete nightmare and we understand that is why we made this kit simple with easy to follow installation instructions. NOTE: This kit will require a OBD1 Throttle body as we currently cannot support the OBD2 Throttle body.


This kit requires 1 week lead time. The ABA runs a VR crank position sensor which require tweaking of the ECU to convert to this style. If you are looking to do a 16v head swap please see our ABA 16V plug and play kit.

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